Communication and Media Studies

Communication Sciences is a unique Program in which students are trained in the fields of Telecommunication and Mass Communication.

Courses offered in this program are designed to fully equip the students for careers in the expanding markets of Print, Electronic, and International Media & Telecommunication. It focuses on all economic, cultural, sociological and technological factors, which directly affect the policies and practices of today’s media.

The objective is to develop a critical understanding of the political and social environment in which media works and shapes the world. Students are given practical training in the fields of News Reporting, Magazine journalism, Radio Programming, Advertising, Videography and Telecommunication systems. Students with a B.Sc. Physics background are eligible for specialization in telecommunication.

Students interested in any other area of communication for specialization are required to take maximum courses of that field. Presentations, research projects, seminars, workshops, open forums, panel discussions and interaction with guest speakers make a regular part of the academic sessions. Moreover a six- week internship after the third semester in any renowned organization is also a requirement of the program.

A fully equipped electronics lab with a telecommunication section, highly sophisticated cameras, audio and video facilities are available to the students for their ongoing projects