Defence and Diplomatic Studies

FJWU offers a long established and highly successful master in Defence and Diplomatic Studies, which attracts the applicants of high quality from Pakistan and across the world.

It aims to facilitate a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of current international relations. The approach seeks to deliver both the bodies of specialist techniques and new insight for future application.

The source structure is designed to prove maximum flexibility and choice while retaining certain core elements and delivering appropriate research training. The program introduces students to the advance study of international politics and equips them from a wide range of career possibilities from foreign services, international and non-governmental organizations.

The degree offers an opportunity to undertake a dissertation and students have to write research paper in each course of study and then to present their research papers. Every course offered includes research papers, presentations, seminars, conferences and active group discussions.

The Master in DDS is focused on those wishing for professional career that involves expertise in international representation and negotiation. It is ideal for those who have a keen interest in pursuing a wide range of occupations that are informed by defence, negotiation and diplomacy. Although the course has been running for only a few years yet it has attracted students of exceptionally high quality and many of them are presently working with Defence Export Promotion Organization (DEPO), United Nations, Embassies and important research organizations. FJWU is grooming and educating young females to fill the vacuum of motivated female policy makers and diplomats in the 21st century.