Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral science is no single discipline in and of itself. It comprises several distinct academics disciplines, each with its own history, theoretical moorings and research methods as well as methodologies.

Business Administration

The Fatima Jinnah School of Management Sciences at FJWU is global in curriculum and student composition, foster technological literacy, and pragmatic business/managerial skills.

Communication and Media Studies

Communication Sciences is a unique Program in which students are trained in the fields of Telecommunication and Mass Communication.

Computer Arts

The success of our undergraduate program BCA (Bachelor in Computer Arts) relies on creativity and effective teamwork.

Computer Science

The Computer Science program at Fatima Jinnah Women University is a unique effort to provide students with the knowledge, skills and experiences to become successful practitioners and leaders in the field of computer science.

Defence and Diplomatic Studies

FJWU offers a long established and highly successful master in Defence and Diplomatic Studies, which attracts the applicants of high quality from Pakistan and across the world.


The Department of Economics at FJWU stands out in many respects. The courses being offered are forward looking and development oriented combination of positive/normative and qualitative/quantitative economics. The Department presently offers 4 degree programs, Ph. D, M. Phil leading to Ph.D., Masters and Bachelors in Economics.


The Program of Education at FJWU is designed to provide its graduates with a broad and critical awareness of educational theory, practice and policy, together with opportunities to focus on educational aspects of their own interests and areas of specialization. It thereby gives students a basic grounding in the specialization area of their choice.


The Program of English Language and Literature offered at the Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, has many unique features.

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences Program was started in September 1999 keeping in view the vision of Fatima Jinnah Women University to train women of Pakistan to develop their academic, moral, physical, professional and intellectual potentials.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Program at FJWU bears the high quality of learning environment and is matched by the teaching and technical support available which ensures that all our students fulfill their creative potential.

Gender Studies

Gender Studies program at FJWU is interdisciplinary in content and approach. It explores issues related to women and gender across academic disciplines.

Islamic Studies

The Graduate Program at the Fatima Jinnah Women University seeks to inculcate knowledge which will be authentically Islamic and at the same time fully aware of the contemporary world and the challenges it poses for the Muslims.

Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics is significant in our daily lives. Mathematical skills are constantly used in the interpretation and analysis of data and in all forms of problem solving.

Public Administration

The Fatima Jinnah School of Management Sciences at FJUW is global in curriculum and student composition, foster technological literacy, and pragmatic business/managerial skills.

Software Engineering

Bachelors in Software Engineering at FJWU is four year professional degree program with eight regular semesters that offers a comprehensive approach to the Software Engineering.


Urdu is the representative language of the people of the Indo Pak sub-continent and has a singular distinction to be the national language of Pakistan. It has a rich source of Muslim culture and literature and has a precious intellectual heritage. It developed over the last 1,000 years and has its origin in a number of languages e.g. Sanskrit, Turkish, Persian and Arabic. It has absorbed words form English as well as from other regional languages. It is widely spoken in India and Middle East and is the most common medium of communication.


The Department of Physics has been established since September, 2015. The vision of Fatima Jinnah Women University is to produce highly competitive individuals, sound in academics, morality and profession. The department offers four years BS program in Physics directing towards MS and Ph.D in future.