Name: Dr. Alia Jawad
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Education
Qualification: Ph. D
University of Peshawar, Peshawar
MA Education
Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad
English as A Second Language
Harvard University, USA
MA Archaeology (Gold Medalist, Record Holder)
University of Peshawar, NWFP
Phone: +92-51-9292900 (199)
Status: On Job
Dr. Alia Jawad

Professional Experience

2014 - To Date
Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
Assistant Professor

2004 - 2014
Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi

2003 to date
Allama Iqbal Open University
Tutor, Resource Person



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  • Indeginous Education System


2011 International Research Support Initiative Program (IRSIP), HEC, Islamabad for six months’ Ph. D Survey and Research at School of Archaeology & Museology, Peking University, China.


  • May 27-28, 2015, read a paper titled, ‘Gender Mainstreaming in Education and Leadership: Issues and Challenges’ at International Conference on Thinking back and Moving Forward: Reflections on Gender, Education and Leadership in Pakistan’, conducted by University of Leicester, UK, Actionaid, HEC, WRRC and Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.
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  • Jan. 2010 The Effects of Multi-Sensory Instruction in Improving Spellings of Learning Deficit Students. 25th SPELT Annual International Conference. FJWU, Rwp.
  • Aug. 2009 The Question of Rich Intellectual/Cultural Heritage and the Confused National Identity of the Young Generation of Pakistan. Historical Research Symposium held in Baragali by National Institute of Historic and Cultural Research. QUA, Isl.
  • March 2007 The Implications of Assistive Technology in Special Education Institutes of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. National Conference on Special Education, Department of Special Education, University of Punjab, Lahore.


  • 2012/15 Researcher "Capacity Building and Mapping Women Careers in Academia". Fatima Jinnah Women University and British Academy Project
  • 2012/13Co-Investigator “Assessment Practices in the B.Ed. (Honors) and ADE Programs in the Punjab”, Department of Education, FJWU and Pre-Step. USAID
  • 2012/13 Member “Strategic Planning Project”, Department of Education, FJWU and Pre-Step, USAID.
  • 2012/15 Research Capacity Building Through International Partnership for mapping women academics' careers in Pakistan. Fatima Jinnah Women University and School of Education. University of Leicester. UK.
  • 2008 The Survey and Documentation of Archaeological Sites and Historic Monuments of Potohhar Plateau. National Fund for Cultural Heritage, Former Ministry of Education, Isl