The Program of Education at FJWU is designed to provide its graduates with a broad and critical awareness of educational theory, practice and policy, together with opportunities to focus on educational aspects of their own interests and areas of specialization. It thereby gives students a basic grounding in the specialization area of their choice. Currently, the department is offering post graduate, graduate, and undergraduate programs. The details of the programs are as under;

PhD in Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education is a research degree program designed for individuals seeking to be researchers in the field of Education. This program is a platform for PhD students to discover new knowledge through basic research and answer specific questions about practical problems through applied research; resulting in a substantial piece of original research work. Our degree provides an array of work opportunities for graduates such as leaders in educational organizations/teacher education institutions, research consultants for the development field, etc.

M.Phil in Education

The M. Phil Program in Education is spread over four semesters of 30 credit hours. It is designed to provide graduates in Education with a broad and critical awareness of educational theory, practice and policy. The program aims to produce high quality educational thinkers, experts and researchers in order to generate and apply knowledge. It also focuses on providing intellectual leadership to the people engaged in teaching, management and research activities and to improve the potentials of future scholars for interacting effectively among the international community of educators.

Masters in Education

The Masters in Education is designed to provide students with a broad and critical awareness of educational theory and practice. The program sensitizes the students to the realities and constraints of a developing country, using a field based approach. The program provides the students opportunities to become both reflective practitioners and critical thinkers through an analysis of significant and critical issues of education in Pakistan. The courses are based on quality improvement in classroom, teacher education, school management, assessment, appropriate pedagogy and technology and on raising awareness in the students about differentiation; learning difficulties, counseling and the significant role of educational psychology.

B.Ed (Hons.) Elementary Program

The B. Ed (Hons.) Elementary Program is an HEC approved four-year degree program that spreads over eight semesters and comprises of 130-134 credit hrs. The program focuses on nurturing those aspects among aspiring teachers that correspond to the basic requirements of National Education Policy 2009, National Scheme of Studies 2006, National Professional Teaching Standards 2008, and National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education 2009. The program is unique as it exhibits a divergence from an over reliance on a teacher-centered lecture method to learner centered and active learning approaches that encourage the development of requisite skills and dispositions for teaching. Furthermore, the program focuses on contemporary pedagogical techniques, adequate knowledge of subject matter, effective instructional and teaching communication skills, critical thinking and creative teaching skills.