Electronic Engineering

The department of Electronic Engineering, being the newest Engineering department at FJWU not only intends to attract the young and brightest female minds from all over the country but also aims in providing them with an opportunity to learn the latest trends and practices in the field of Electronics.

The department offers a four years degree program, titled “Bachelors’ in Electronic Engineering” (BEE) with the aim to impart quality education at undergraduate level, thereby producing skillful engineers to cater for world-wide societal needs. The system keeps in focus the challenges that they may come across at national as well as international level. The mission of undergraduate program in Electronic Engineering is to not only equip the students with a concrete foundation in scientific and mathematical knowledge but to impart the necessary practical skills which would help them in the field of Electronic Engineering.

The curriculum of BEE program is well-planned and designed according to recommendations and guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). It is designed to not only teach the students how to apply the learned knowledge to real engineering problems and technologies, but to also combine the latest professional engineering skills with the scientific research methodologies to carry out new research in the field.

Well-equipped practical laboratories assist the students in understanding the lectures in more detail. Individual and group projects during the degree will give students a chance to work with the academics from the field, helping them to develop skills in their interested areas of specializations. Students can carry out their final year projects from the broad fields of Robotics & Automation, Embedded Systems and machine learning.

The Department of Electronic Engineering holds highly qualified, motivated and professionally competent faculties, who not only excel in their respective areas of specialization but also keep themselves abreast of recent infield developments.