Fine Arts

Fine Arts Program at FJWU maintains a high quality of learning environment and is matched by the teaching and technical support available which ensures that all the students use their unique potential and earn a level of skill which supports their creativity. We are proud of the range of subjects offered in Art and Design.

The Department presently offers four degree programs:

Masters in Fine Arts (Fine Arts), Masters in Fine Arts (Design) and Bachelors in Fine Arts and Bachelors in Design.

Fine Arts focus on hands on skills in drawing, sculpture, painting, printmaking and miniature painting. Masters in Design familiarize students with the basic design concepts, leading to use the technology to enhance their creative abilities in the fields like communication design, textiles, ceramics and photography.

The discipline of design offers four specialized subject areas to both masters and bachelors students. These are; communication design, textile design, ceramics, and photography. Communication design focuses on providing informed solutions to the design problems. The subject not only aims at identifying communication as an art discipline but also a field of inquiry. Communication design solves problems for a wide range of media, by employing technology, creativity and visually apprized solutions. These areas will include but not limited to advertising, branding, identity design, corporate communication design, information design and book illustration. The photography at Fine Arts offers students the ability to explore, experience, and examine their surroundings. It harnesses their visual skills which carries them forward to be creative professionals.   Photography enable student to creatively employ it in understanding their culture and society and create meanings. The courses are designed to gradually built knowledge of different genre of photography such as documentary, product, landscape, portraits and conceptual. In ceramics, students not only create handmade ceramics but also use work on wheel. The techniques and method of glazing, firing, and smoking are taught. The students learn to make functional and nonfunctional ceramics. In textile design diverse skills are taught ranging from technique such as, tie and die, batik, silkscreen, weaving ( off loom and on loom), screen printing,  and how to create a design for any kind of textiles which includes, apparel, interior products and textile art.

Fine Arts faculty is highly professional and motivated. The department prized their valuable hard work in harnessing independent innovative thought in the students.
Our alumnae is engaged in various artistic and research activities nationally and internationally, representing Pakistan in the US, Europe, and Asia. Our current students actively participate in creative endeavors, making their mark as independent, creative thinkers, and practitioners.

Specialization Areas for Fine Arts:

Miniature Painting

Specialization Areas for Design:

Textile Design
Communication Design