Fine Arts

Fine Arts Program at FJWU bears the high quality of learning environment and is matched by the teaching and technical support available which ensures that all our students fulfill their creative potential.

We are proud of the range and depth of provision offered in Art, Design, Media, Production and Craft at postgraduate level. The staff consist of mainly practicing artists, designers, and academics of national and international standing renowned artists Ms. Waheeda Mansoor, Ms. Mehr Afroz and Ms. Isbah Mansoor from Indus Valley, Karachi and Dr.Zahra Hassan and Ms.Sabaah Hussain from National College of Arts, Lahore, were resident artists for various workshops and series of lectures on Graphic Design, Print Making, Drawing, Ceramics, Miniature Painting, Art Criticism and Mixed Media respectively.International artist Shue Hui Shen also conducted lectures on Visual Arts.Specialist visiting faculty members from all over Pakistan enrich the program and with passage of time the program has developed into a modern progressive art place where one can learn to develop skills which will be relevant to world of employment in the coming years.

The areas of focus for MFA program are Painting, Miniature Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Textile Arts, Video Produtions, Photography, Art criticism and History of Art.