There are three Types of Researches: Institutional Research, Psychological Research, Students' Research.

    Institutional Research

  • A longitudinal study of two years on Gender Audit in the areas of health and Employment is in progress since 2003. This includes one training at Glasgow under the DFID program (completed).
  • Replication of research on Attitude of Rural Population towards Female Education (completed)
  • Gender Audit of Employment (completed)
  • A research on Strengths of Pakistani Muslim Families (completed).

  • Psychological Research

    The materials for Psychological Research are also with the WRRC. WRRC is administrating the tests for all kinds of psychological research.

    Students' Research

    Independent study by a Ph.D. student on the development of bibliography of Muslim feminists of Middle East and other Muslim countries has been completed. The faculty of the Centre is involved in the supervision of gender-related research in all the departments of the University.