Issue 2006 Volume 5 No 1-2


Name of Author

The Experiences of Teenage Pregnancy Amongst British Pakistani Women: A Qualitative Analysis

Dr. Razia Bhatti

Use of Gender Specific Language in Crime Reporting

Sarwet Rasul & Sidra Irshad

Feminist Research: A Sample of Qualitative Methodology

Dr. Riffat Haque

Gendered Conflict and Violence

Farhana Khurshid

Relationship Between Need for Achievement and Work Motivation in Female Entrepreneurs

Shahida Parveen and
Dr. Ghazala Rehman

Globalization, Social Sciences and Sustainable Development

Naheed Zia Khan

Loss of Meaning in Translation

Aalia Sohail Khan

Characters Profile of Demographic Grouping in PTV Dramatized Entertainment

Syed Abdul Siraj, Muhammad Aslam Pervez and Shagufta Siraj

Invisible Technology in Farming: The Use of Social Accounting Skills by Women in Wheat and Groundnut in the Barani Areas of Chakwal

Shabnam Bahar and Abdul Majid

Matrimonial Status of Muslim Women in the Light of Qur’an and Sunnah

Farhana Mukhtar Bhatti