Issue 2008 Volume 7 No 1-2

Name of Paper


Why are you Doing your Ph.D. Now?
Issues of Pragmatic Transfer in Intercultural Communication

Dr. Samina Amin Qadir

A Hard Knock to Self-Esteem in Men and Women Facing Infertility

Dr. Sarwat Sultan Sarwat

A Study of Attitude of Low Income and High Income Parents Towards Education of Their Male & Female Children

Dr.Khalid Makhadoom & dr. Khalid Khurshid

Managerial Skills Essential for Secondary Schools' Principals

Dr. Muhammad Tayyab, Ms. Zakia, Ms. Arifa & Dr. Maqsud

Book Review: Fictional Feminism: How American Best Sellers Affect the Movement for Women's Equality.

Ms. Kiran Nazir Ahmad

Street Children: The Victims of Socio-Environmental Conditions (A case Study of Rawalpindi Slums)

Dr.Haroon-ur-Rashid Rana & Prof.Dr.Hafeez-ur-Rehman

Dhamal, A spiritual healing at the shrine of Bari Imam

Shaheer Ellahi

Impact of Education on Reproductive Decision Making Between Working and non Working Married Women

Ms. Shahla Tabbasum & Ms. Sahira zaman

The Role of Cultural Stereotypes In Gender Socialization (A case Study of Village Mayar Dir ‘Lower’

Dr. Anwar Alam

Book Review: Perils, Pitfals and Reflexivity in Qualitative Research in Education

Dr. Hina Ashraf