Commencement of fjwu 16th Convocation

Rawalpindi, April 18: The 16th Convocation of the Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi was held at the Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad to commemorate the academic accomplishments of its students and outstanding achievements in their academic career. Chief Guest Mr. Syed Raza Ali Gillani, Minister for Higher Education Punjab and Pro Chancellor, conferred degrees on the graduating students at Bachelors, Masters, M. Phil and Ph.D. Level.

A total of 1,409 students were awarded degrees including 4 Ph.D. 53 M.Phil’s, 616 Masters and 736 Bachelors. More over 70 Gold and Silver Medals were also awarded to the students having distinction in their respective program.

The event was attended by Chairperson Punjab Higher Education Commission Prof Dr. Muhammad Nizamuddin, Executive Director HEC Dr. Arshad Ali, Vice Chancellar Arid University Agricultrue Dr. Rai Muhammad Niaz, Chairman Intermedate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi Dr. Muhammad Zarif, Prof. Dr Bushra Mirza, Dr Mehmood ul Hasan, Prof Dr. Iftikhar un Nisa Hassan, Registrar Prof. Samina Bukhari, educationists, students and parents attended the convocation.

In his address Chief Guest Mr. Syed Raza Ali Gillani said that Pakistani students are best in ability, confidence and knowledge and they were excelling in various disciplines in the entire world. He said that we can improve ourselves by seeking knowledge in accordance to the International standard and requirements. He was of the view that Pakistani students should seek knowledge across the world but serve in Pakistan for the country and nation. He also lauded the valuable contributions of teaching faculty and parents for supporting students in acquiring higher education. The Provincial Minister said that government is committed to make educational reforms and special focus has been given on promotion of basic as well as for higher education. He said that government investing for the future of Pakistan and they had been provided modern facilities and opportunities. The Minister was glad to know that 52 % out going students of Fatima Jinnah Women University were getting jobs and it is also source of satisfaction that students excelling in market oriented subjects. Syed Ali Gillani said that day is a momentous occasion for passing out students, their hard work, commitment to excellence and efforts that have borne fruits and have enabled them to earn their degrees. He advised that this degree is only the beginning of another phase of their lives. It is a stepping stone from an academic environment into the rigors and challenges of practical life, where the skills they have accumulated throughout their lives will be put to test. It is imperative that they continue to strive and work hard, and prove their mettle. He further said that, “I am confident that you will make your alma mater, your teachers and your parents are proud with your professionalism, honesty and integrity. He added that the problem that this glorious land with talented people is facing is limited opportunities and lack of infrastructure which makes the keenest minds to leave the country. He added that  institution of higher education have great responsibilities for producing quality graduates to contribute to the growth and development of the country and his remarks stated that he finds satisfaction and encouragement in the fact that the Fatima Jinnah Women University is contributing towards this and developing the human resource of the country.

He highlighted the commitment of Government of the Punjab in providing quality higher education, at par with international levels, and aims to build and develop a knowledge economy of this country. With this goal in mind, the Government set up the Punjab Higher Education Commission, which since its inception has been committed to development, expansion and progress through its numerous initiatives. He added that there are several challenges that need to be addressed and government of Punjab is providing it through HEC, aiming to increase equitable access, through upgrading academic standards, promoting research, and introducing and facilitating faculty development programs.

Mr. Syed Raza Ali Gillani concluded his address by congratulating the University Graduates with the remarks that, “I can only imagine the social pressures a woman in our society faces to reach where you have reached today. This makes your achievement all the more remarkable and admirable. But this should also be a reminder, that you are the privileged few who were given this opportunity. Your contribution to and conduct in society and in your professional lives will pave the way for other women to follow in your footsteps”.

In her welcome address the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Samina Amin Qadir expressed her gratitude to the Guest of Honor for her presence in the convocation. The Vice Chancellor congratulated the students and their parents, and wished them a prosperous future. She also admired the students honored with medals for their dedication and outstanding achievements in their academic career at the Convocation. She highlighted the achievements of the university since last year both in expanding the facilities and infrastructure along with addition of diversity in academic programs through the addition of two new undergraduate programs in Anthropology and Sociology. She informed that the construction of Academic Block is being planned at City campus. The project is proposed to be funded by the Punjab Government at an Estimated Cost of Rs.566.584 million  and  University is currently in  the process  of getting approval from the Government of Punjab. This Academic Block will be constructed to accommodate Eight new market oriented Disciplines at a covered area of 99,574Sft

She said that FJWU is doing its best to provide international exposure to its students and faculty by encouraging participation in international and national conferences. She also highlighted different faculty members on their teaching achievements as well including Dr. Rohama Gill, Assistant Professor; Department of Environmental Sciences has been awarded with Best Teacher Award by Higher Education Commission on December 2016. The building of Faculty of Education department from US-AID, construction of Campus- II at Chakri Road Rawalpindi and girl’s hostel at city campus are both adding to the provision of infrastructure for students. She added that the Career Counseling Centre” Funded by Punjab Higher Education (PHEC) Lahore at Fatima Jinnah Women University would help students maintain a balanced professional life with a clear vision in their minds. This Building will add 29 more class rooms and will provide enabling environment for FJWU to initiate two admissions in one year

She added that Fatima Jinnah Women University has developed international links and collaborative connections with various international academic organizations, raising the image of Pakistani women in the world by signing 10 MOUs with various national and international universities and industrial units. She added that twenty (20) ongoing research projects among which sixteen (16) are national and four (04) are international is adding to the academic strength of the university. Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) also runs regular training workshops and courses for the professional development of its staff and faculty including ‘Gender Social Sciences and Humanities: New Directions in Scholarships’,‘Emerging Trends in Science and Technology’,Peace and Security in South and Central Asia” and Public Administration and Managementwere the few highlighted.

She concluded her address by motivating the young graduates through her inspiring words that, “the road ahead is long but the journey promises to be exciting. Have a constructive attitude and think in terms of solutions, not in terms of problems. Take each challenge not with “why you can’t” but “how you can” and do remember that great opportunities come to those who make the most of small ones.”

The Bank of Punjab has awarded cash prizes for the Top Scoring students in the Department of Business Administration those were: Ms. Mamoona Naz, Ms.Komal Shahzad (BBS), Aqsa Murtaz (BBA Regular), Sidra Babar Khan (BBA Self Support).      

An additional gold medal was instituted by the First Women Bank in 2005. The coveted award goes to Ms. Noor Saba Muneeb top scoring student of the Department of Economics.

Media Development Trust (Mishal Pakistan) also sponsored four additional gold medals to the top scoring students of Media and Communication Studies. This year these gold medals won by Ms. Fizza Said, Ms. Saba Hameed, Ms. Zareena Malik, Ms. Zerish Gulbaz of top scoring students the Department of Communication and Media Studies.

    Gold & Silver Medals of Bachelors, Masters and M.Phil’s programmes awarded to students of their respective departments are: Nadia Rafique (Gold), Shavana Sahar Bangash (Silver)  [Master of Behavioral Sciences]-Ayesha Masood Chaudhry (Gold), Mishal Qaiser (Silver) [Bachelors of Behavioral Scinces]- Hira Kanwal (Gold), Shumaila Aslam (Silver) [Maters of BBS]- Hina Jahangir (Gold), Tehmina Gulzar (Silver) [Masters of Business Administration 3.5years]- Tayyaba Tanvir (Gold), Mariam Rehan (Silver) [Bachelors in Business Administration- Regular]- Haniya Farooq Khan (Gold), Hira Nisar (Silver) [Bachelors in Business Administration-Self Support] -Aiman Saleem (Gold), Eman Jadoon (Silver) [Masters of Communication and Media Studies]- Mehwish Khan (Gold), Rabiah Hussain (Silver) [Bachelors in Communication and Media Studies] Shehzadi Ambreen (Gold), Saba Mehmood (Silver) [Master of Computer Sciences], Syeda Roshana Ali Naqvi (Gold), Nargis Munir (Silver) [Bachelors in Computer Science-Regular]- Maria Saeed (Gold), Sheza Nisar (Silver) [Bachelors in Computer Science- Self Support] Fatima Ayaz (Gold), Jodat Shahid (Silver) [Masters of Defence and Diplomatic Studies]-Naima Bintaey Shahb (Gold), Ayesha Gul Khatak (Silver) [Bachelors of  Defence and Diplomatic Studies] Sadaf Bari (Gold), Fatima Mahmood (Silver) [Master of Economics]- Yusra Shahid (Gold), Vijeta Kashuyap (Silver) [Bachelors of Economics]- Naima Ahoukat (Gold), Nasiba Zahra (Silver) [Masters of Education], Ryehah Batool Shah (Gold), Hafiza Faiqa Mubeen (Silver) [Bachelors of Education] Aatisa Shahoor(Gold), Hira Azhar(Silver) [Masters of English]- Tasneem Shahzadi (Gold), Madiha Naeem (Silver) [Bachelors of English]- Samra Ahmed (Gold), Tanzila Raza (Silver) [Bachelor of Environmental Sciences] Rabia Abid (Gold), Kainat Batool (Silver) [Master of Fine Arts]- Mahnoor Ayub (Gold), Rabbaniyyih Nabilzadeh (Silver) [Bachelor of Fine Arts]- Durdana Hamayun (Gold), Sehrish Shakeel (Silver), [Master of Gender Studies]- Beenish Malik (Gold), Sana Tasneem Tahir (Silver) [Bachelors of Gender Studies], Nosheen Iftikhar (Gold), Hadia Rehman (Silver) [Master of Islamic Studies], Amna Bibi (Gold), Bushra Shoukat (Silver) [Bachelor of Islamic Studies]- Maryam Amjad (Gold), Neelam Naz (Silver) [Master of Public Administration]- Zara Haroon (Gold), Anum Imtiaz (Silver) [Bachelor of Public Administration]- Ayesha Wajid (Gold), Iqra Qamar (Silver), [Master of  Urdu]- Nigah Abbas Rizvi (Gold), Fiza Imran (Silver) [Bachelor of Urdu]- Zainab Tariq (Gold), Rida Farooq (Silver) [Bachelor of Computer Arts], Rimsha Asmat (Gold), Nagina Shabbir (Silver) [Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences]- Syeda Khadija Phool (Gold), Noor Ul Ain Saleem Khan (Silver) [Bachelor of Software Engineering].