DCO office Rawalpindi in collaboration with Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) has organized a seminar in relevance to the International Women day. The ceremony was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Ms. Sahar Student Department of English warmly welcomed all the guest speakers, eminent personalities, faculty & staff, students and chief guest of the ceremony.  Dr Sataish Assistant Commissioner CANTT was the main coordinator of the event and she introduced all the worthy guest speakers; who were: ADCG Mr. Imran Quershi, Mr. Abu Talha (Islamic Scholar), Ms Nooriya (Architecture), Ms. Saffora (International Athlete), Ms Asma Sarwat (Owner of Darulsam), SP Ms. Maria, Dr. Jamal Nasir & Ms. Deeba Shehnaz (Manager Rescue 1122).

Mr. Abu Talha talked about the rights of women in Islam. In the light of Quran Mr. Talha highlighted the importance of women in the society in comparison to men. He said that Islam is a religion which gave freedom to female in every aspect of life whether it is her personal life or professional life. While Ms. Norriya shard her journey to become a successful women in the society since her childhood. She acknowledged the support of her family to make her recognizable in the society. She further elaborated that a woman who is running her house successfully is also a successful women and as much as any women is confident nobody can beat her in any matter of life.
Ms Saffora the International Athlete shared her 32 years of experience in the sports field. She told the audience about her career and problems that were faced by her. She inspired all the women by her strong personality. She advised women to work harder to achieve their goals in life. Ms Asma Sarwat talked about the laws and implementations of laws in the society. In her address she stressed upon the responsibility of females to teach their children about the rights of women. She also said nothing is more effective than a home teaching. Women can build the mind sets of the generations which ultimate takes the nation on the path of success.
Ms Deeba Shehnaz talks to the audience and said do not discriminate between male and female while it comes to the professional career. She inspired the audience with her mesmerizing experiences in the field of rescue. She said that she found enough talent in Pakistani females. She also advised to do work harder to make the career stronger but not over the sake of primary responsibilities.

Ms Maria highlighted the Women Protection Law and its implementation in Pakistani society. She said that we need to implement it and practice such laws with full scope and understandings which will be the true help to the society to make a balance over gender biasness.

On this occasion Dr. Jamal Nasir expressed his views that a single woman can change the whole society if she stands up for the betterment of it. He further said all the tires of the society have to step forward and needs to play a positive and constructive role to make a balanced society in terms of male and female equality.
Mr Imran Qureshi also shared his experiences since his student life and also working with females in the professional life. He agreed on the arguments that we might have differences and issues but we need to overcome them as soon as possible if we want to be successful in the society. To end up the ceremony Dr Sataish requested to DCO Sajid Zafar Dall to wrap up the session with few words. Mr. Sajid said that women should come in front of the every section of life as since ages women had been serving as teachers, doctors, engineers, administrators and even head of states. Women are doing very well in all these fields. Recent stats proved that women are excelling in every sector of life in Pakistan. The only need of time is to support and stand along with the women so that with all the confidence and courage they can participate more actively in the progress of our country.

At the end of the seminar Prof. Dr Samina Amin Qadir pay her gratitude to all the guest speakers and appreciated them for the informative discussion and dissemination of their original experiences. She said that now women holds power and they are intelligent enough to take their own decisions. She said that women are serving in every field of life and we have to recognize that without their contribution country cannot excel. She further said, Fatima Jinnah Women University since its inception, not only educating the young women but also putting its all efforts to train them, so that they can actively participate in the progress of our country.

In the end Prof. Dr Samina Amin Qadir Vice Chancellor (FJWU), Dr. Dr Sataish (Assistant Commissioner, Cantt) and DCO Sajid Zafar Dall presented souvenir and gifts to the worthy speakers of the seminar.

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