Seminar on Say No To Corruption Held At FJWU

Rawalpindi Fatima Jinnah Women University holds a seminar on “Say No To Corruption” organized by Student Affairs Office in collaboration with National accountability bureau .The main aim of NAB’s  awareness and prevention Division is to involve all segments of society, especially women and children, in saying “Say No To Corruption.

Chief Guest Mr. Ibrahim Junaid Director Anti-Corruption Establishment said that “mothers have a major impact in bringing up children and their attitude and development, “Say No to Corruption” is intended to target young ladies in Universities and Colleges who are going to be future mothers of our children. He said their sincere efforts in inculcating basic moral values against corruption besides religious teachings will go a long way in strengthening and bringing a change in the mindset of tomorrow’s youth. Mothers need to hammer “Say No to Corruption” on their children.

He urged women and youth to join the anti-corruption campaign as they can play imperative role in eradication of corruption from our society. The youth being agents of change have to consistently spread this message “Say No to Corruption” so that our upcoming generations can understand about the ill effects of corruption which will help them in building a corruption free Pakistan.  If  Pakistan would see the change its citizens have been yearning for, youth must start the crusade against corruption from taken by Awareness and Prevention Division NAB to raise awareness in the general public about corruption and corruption practices.

At the end of the Seminar Mr. Humayun Iqbal presented the University souvenir to the worthy chief guest Mr. Ibrahim Junaid.