Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration, under the faculty of Law, Commerce, management & Administrative Sciences, came into being in August 2005. Since 2005, Department of Public Administration has chalked its own vision keeping in view the overall vision of the University and follows that vision in all of its courses and specializations that are being offered at both Masters' and Bachelors' levels.


Provide Quality education to the female students and help prepare them to meet the new challenges faced by the community and organizations working in public, non-profit and private sectors of the economy.


To enhance the managerial capabilities of young females so that they can participate in the economic development of the country.

To enhance the analytical skills of the students so that they are better equipped to handle the real time issues faced by the organizations in the form of applied research.

To motivate young females to contribute towards their communities by helping the destitute population achieve their potential so that they can become part of the development process.

Departmental Objectives

The objectives outlined by the department are holistic in nature and specify the skills and competencies that must be acquired by the graduates during their studies in the department. These objectives help them to contribute meaningfully to the society. Moreover, they also relate to the faculty development.

  • To provide high quality academic institution in contemporary theories and practices of Public Administration.
  • To employ state -of-the art teaching tools, techniques and learning methodologies
  • To provide students with practical management experiences in order to be successful in the job market.


Master degree program 

The Master of Public Administration program is designed to provide students with the highest quality education in preparation for careers, or advancement of careers, in public, nonprofits, and private organizations. The program stresses the acquisition of academic theory and practical skills to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Undergraduate degree program

The objectives of undergraduate program is to provide skills and competencies that must be acquired by the graduates during their stay in the department and help them to contribute meaningfully to the society.

The Department of Public Administration prepares women students to be:

  • Leaders who foster shared objectives and teamwork.
  • Professionals who uphold a firm's ethical and operational responsibilities.
  • Managers who understand the technical, functional, and specialized areas of business.
  • Integrators who combine strategy with business theory, practice, and new ideas.


The successful business or public manager in today's ever-changing and challenging global environment must possess certain skills: a solid foundation in traditional business subjects, practical leadership and team building experience, a clear understanding of social and ethical issues, and a mastery of new technologies and their impact on the business environment. Your career would benefit from these skills, Department of Public Administration is your preference.