Public Administration

The Fatima Jinnah School of Management Sciences at FJUW is global in curriculum and student composition, foster technological literacy, and pragmatic business/managerial skills.

Its dynamic plan of study designed to enable the students to develop their management potential.

The program aims at to be academically rigorous and innovative and each of the masters DEPARTMENTS prepares its graduate to be relevant to the public and private sector in Pakistan. The schools prepares women students to be

  • Leaders who foster shared objectives and teamwork.
  • Professionals who uphold a firm's ethical and operational responsibilities.
  • Managers who understand the technical, functional, and specialized areas of business.
  • Integrators who combine strategy with business theory, practice, and new ideas.

The successful business or public manager in today's ever-changing and challenging global environment must possess certain skills: a solid foundation in traditional business subjects, practical leadership and team building experience, a clear understanding of social and ethical issues, and a mastery of new technologies and their impact on the business environment. If your career would benefit from these skills, Fatima Jinnah School of Management science should be in your future.