Urdu is the representative language of the people of the Indo Pak sub-continent and has a singular distinction to be the national language of Pakistan. It has a rich source of Muslim culture and literature and has a precious intellectual heritage. It developed over the last 1,000 years and has its origin in a number of languages e.g. Sanskrit, Turkish, Persian and Arabic. It has absorbed words form English as well as from other regional languages. It is widely spoken in India and Middle East and is the most common medium of communication.


The Urdu Department in FJWU was established in 2012 by Prof: Dr. Naheed Zia Khan. Although the Department is in its infancy, yet we believe that it shall stand out prominently amongst the Urdu Departments of the country in due course of time.

We recognize that Urdu is the national language that plays a vital role in the development of national harmony and acts as a bridge for different languages of Pakistan. As such the Urdu Department needs to play its role as mother department of the languages. We are obligated to provide an opportunity for the female students of this area to acquire high quality education in Urdu literature.