Name: Dr. Sohail Kamran
Designation: Associate Professor / Chairperson
Department: Business Administration
Qualification: Ph.D. (Marketing)
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.
MS (Management)
Brunel University, London
MBA (Marketing)
International Islamic University, Islamabad
Phone: 051-9292900 (Ext 2013)
Email: [email protected]
Status: On Job
Sohail Kamran

Professional Experience

Over 16 years of Univerity level teaching Experience.
Over 4 Years of Industrial work Experience.
Professional Experience: over 20 years


Journal Publications

  1. Kamran. S. (2022- Forthcoming), What Consequences are faced by unbanked consumers while coping with their credit exclusion? Middle East Journal of Management (In press).
  2. Hamid, F., Kamran. S and Ahmed, W, Q. (2021). How Organizational Unfairness Impedes Service Employees Needs Fulfillment? The Case of Islamic Banking Industry in Pakistan, Journal of Islamic Business and Management, 11(1) Online First
  3. Kamran S., and Uusitalo, O (2019), Banks unfairness and vulnerability of the low-income unbanked consumers, Service Industries Journal, 39 (1), 65-85.
  4. Kamran, S., Ayub, M., and Luqman, A. (2018), Islamic Banks’ Role in Serving the Poor Unbanked Population in Pakistan, Journal of Islamic Business and Management, 8 (2), 344-360
  5. Kamran, S. and Uusitalo, O (2016), Vulnerability of the unbanked; Evidence from a developing country, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 40(4), 400-409.
  6. Kamran, S. and Uusitalo, O (2016), How the unbanked cope with financial exclusion Evidence from Pakistan, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 21 (2), 153-165.
  7. Kamran S. (2017), ROSCAs role in facilitating control to the unbanked Evidence from Pakistan, Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organizational Studies, 22(2), 4-13.
  8. Kamran, S., and Attiq, M., (2011), Value recovery with customer dissatisfaction A study of restaurant services in Pakistan, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 11 (3), 169 -180.

Conference Presentations/ Papers

  • Kamran S., Polsa, P., Uusitalo, O. (2019), Financial exclusion, vulnerability and coping strategies –the transformative role of banks, 44th Annual Macromarketing Conference, Cleveland, USA (2 to 4 July, 2019).
  • Kamran S. and Uusitalo, O (2017), Banks unfairness and vulnerability of the low-income unbanked consumers,46th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC, 2017), Leaving footprints, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.
  • Shakeel, S., Rahman, S., Kamran, S. (2018) Examining drivers of renewable energy adoption: Evidence from a developing country Pakistan, World Congress on Sustainable Technologies, 6(1), 32-37
  • Kamran, S. and Uusitalo, O (2015), Consumer coping with financial exclusion; Evidence from Pakistan, AM2015, Magic in Marketing, Limerick, Ireland (7th-9th July, 2015).

Supervision of Research Students Theses Completions

  • 15 M-Phil /MS Theses completions
  • 45 BBA(Honours)/MBA Theses completions


  • Consumer Exclusion; Consumer Vulnerability; Consumer Wellbeing, Transformative Consumer/Service Research

Important Contacts