Scheme of Studies (BS Program 4 Years) BPA

Bachelor of Public Administration
4-year Undergraduate Program


1. Overview

In a society facing increasingly complex problems, there is a great need for innovative, highly skilled managers, administrators and policy analysts. Educating Pakistani women to fulfill those roles through careers in the public, not for profit and private sectors is the primary purpose of the Department of Public Administration.

Recognized as a professional and competitive degree in the field of administrative and management sciences, the bachelor program is designed principally, but not exclusively, for those women who plan to pursue careers in the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. The four year bachelor program prepares young women by developing the skills required to empower them not only in their daily lives but also in their professional lives that would help them contribute meaningfully towards their responsibilities as a responsible citizen of Pakistan. The curriculum has been designed with the input of public, private and not for profit sectors, giving an edge over other degrees of administrative and management sciences.

2. Program Objectives

The objectives of bachelor program are:

  1. Analyze the political, social, economic, and legal environments of a variety of public, not for profit and private sectors and to develop the analytic and problem-solving skills required of managers and public administrators.
  2. Learn data evaluation methods and acquire skills in written communication, planning, budgeting, decision-making, and collaboration.
  3. Develop an awareness of ethical issues and problems in public, not for profit and private sector organizations, and how to use ethical reasoning to formulate decisions and bring about organizational change.
  4. Experience the service-learning component integrated in the program curriculum, and to grow from reflection on it of others' needs.

The bachelor program has been designed keeping in view the international standards and national requirements to meet the unique needs of Pakistani environment. The curriculum is designed to ensure that students:

  1. Acquire sound theoretical knowledge base of all relevant core areas of public administration.
  2. Enhance their understanding regarding political, economic, social and environmental contexts of public administration.