Communication and Media Studies

The Department was established in September, 1999 and is following its vision through its courses offered at bachelors and M Phil level. The Department is determined to attain best place for media students to learn and to train them in order to compete in the industry. Through the knowledge and expertise of competent teachers, the Department is preparing best out of the whole lot. Students are given facilities to showcase their work to complement their studies. This academic field covers the uses, design, and effects of electronic and print media as well as the media management. The courses center on communication and social interaction, collaboration, media messages, and group discussions, presentations and intergroup communication in the class focus on the verbal and nonverbal communication to improve social and group relations.

Keeping in view the overall vision of university, the Department of Communication and Media Studies pursues its goals and follows that vision through its courses and specializations that are being offered at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

Other than educating our students, the Department of Communication and Media Studies has various departmental sections that enhance its working and help in teaching our students skills required in the professional world. The departmental sections are as follows

  • Press and Public Relations Committee (PPRC)  
  • Radio VoW
  • Studio VoW

Mission Statement of the Department:

To produce vision oriented young media professionals and educators with solid foundation in the field of functional journalism, including electronic media and print Journalism.

The mission of Department of Communication & Media Studies is to acquire, synthesize and disseminate knowledge related to print, broadcast and other forms of electronic communication for the purpose of producing media literate, socially aware and professionally competent graduates. Program emphasis is on the preparation of ethical and technologically proficient communication professionals, who are capable of making a positive impact on their environment and society. Our graduates will acquire the skills for today’s media market and also develop the broader, theoretical background for;

  1. Negotiating convergence in the communication fields
  2. Communicating with and servicing diverse populations
  3. Understanding the economic and political pressures on professional integrity
  4. Intelligently assessing and interpreting unfolding events.

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