Behavioral Sciences


Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration of FJWU provides high-quality comprehensive education in all popular areas of business and thus equips its students with standard skills and knowledge necessary to assume high-level responsibilities of business leaders, enterprise managers, financial executives and marketing experts.


Computer Arts

The success of our undergraduate program BCA (Bachelor in Computer Arts) relies on creativity and effective teamwork.

Computer Science

The Computer Science program at Fatima Jinnah Women University is a unique effort to provide students with the knowledge, skills and experiences to become successful practitioners and leaders in the field of computer science. The department presently offers three degree programs MPhil, Masters and Bachelors of Computer Science.

International Relations


Electronic Engineering

The department of Electronic Engineering, being the newest Engineering department at FJWU not only intends to attract the young and brightest female minds from all over the country but also aims in providing them with an opportunity to learn the latest trends and practices in the field of Electronics.


Gender Studies

Islamic Studies


Fatima Jinnah Women University has a strong interest in setting up a Department of Law, as its unique location and strength makes it an ideal place to launch such a program and to impart quality legal education with advanced curriculum in accordance with the needs of Pakistan in world market.

Mathematical Sciences


The Department of Physics has been established since September, 2015. The vision of Fatima Jinnah Women University is to produce highly competitive individuals, sound in academics, morality and profession. The department offers four years BS program in Physics directing towards MS and Ph. D in future.

Department of Public Health and Allied Sciences

Software Engineering

Bachelors in Software Engineering at FJWU is four year professional degree program with eight regular semesters that offers a comprehensive approach to the Software Engineering.


Urdu is the National language of Pakistan and the representative language of the Muslims of the sub-continent. It is a rich source of Muslim culture and literature and has a precious intellectual heritage. Urdu is not merely a language: it holds an ideology akin to the ideology of Pakistan.