The Program of English Language and Literature offered at the Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, has many unique features. The courses, being offered, aim to broaden and deepen the understanding of the relationship between literature, language and society. They are directed towards the development of an extensive understanding of key literary & linguistic concepts. The degree programs offered by the Department of English include Ph. D (Literature & Linguistics), M. Phil (Literature & Language/Linguistics), Masters and Bachelors in English.

Ph.D. Program (Literature & Linguistics)

The Department of English at Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) offers Ph.D in both English Literature and English Language & Linguistics. The program is guided by the aim to train students to undertake independent research with minimal guidance; and to equip students with a wide range of transferable cognitive, practical and key skills, and a foundation for further study, employment and lifelong learning. The Ph.D Program in English aims to provide a flexible curriculum offering a wide choice of modules taught by experienced faculty. The program introduces students to contemporary approaches in the domains of language/literature. The students are required to fulfill a requirement of 18 credit hours course work before commencement of research work. The Ph.D. program is defined as per HEC criteria.

M. Phil (Literature & Language/Linguistics)

At Fatima Jinnah Women University M. Phil in English program is bifurcated into M. Phil in Language & Linguistics and M. Phil in Literature. In M. Phil program, learners are familiarized with the process and results of the best researches in the relevant area/s of linguistics and/or literature. The requirement for M. Phil degree in English (Literature, Language/Linguistics) is 30 credit hours with a minimum of 2.5 CGPA. Thesis of 6 credit hours with 24 credit hours course work is mandatory for all students.

Masters Program

The Masters program endeavors to inculcate linguistic and literary competence in students to develop critical thinking and to train them to become competent professionals. It consists of a wide range of courses bearing 66 credit hours with a minimum of 2 CGPA. The departmental and general core courses consist of 54 credit hours while elective courses are of 12 credit hours. The department aims to strive for academic excellence through research based, interactive and collaborative learning in a very conducive, learner friendly atmosphere.

Bachelors Program

The Bachelors program in English Language and Literature aims to cultivate an appreciation of English Language and Literature through reading, writing, researching, and thinking about texts in the widest context in the service of a rich and meaningful life. The four years Bachelor program is divided into eight semesters and students are required to complete 130 credit hours with a minimum of 2 CGPA. Students are also encouraged to carry out formal research by opting research thesis in lieu of 6 credit hours of elective courses. The students are awarded the Bachelors degree after completion of six weeks’ internship and twenty hours of community work.

The literature courses are based on traditional as well as innovative and creative approaches. The students study most of the established topics like classical and romantic poetry, drama, conventional novels and prose. At the same, time they have courses related to the in-depth study of the genre of short story, feminist poetry, Shakespearean Tragedy and art of short story writing and publishing. The course on Practical Criticism and Critical Thinking incorporate the modern paradigms of Stylistics. 

The language component includes courses related to Introduction to Linguistics, Applied Linguistics/TEFL/TESL, Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Grammar, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics. The endeavour is to produce young professionals, educators and researchers with solid foundations in key linguistic concepts in the field of Language and Linguistics.

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