Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences is the largest in the University that not only is strong in the fundamental activities of teaching and research, but also strives to use these activities to make a real difference to people, enterprises and communities.

Departments under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are:

1. Department of Behavioral Sciences
2. Department of Computer Arts
3. Department of Communication and Media Studies
4. Department of Defense and Diplomatic Studies
5. Department of Economics
6. Department of English
7. Department of Fine Arts
8. Department of Gender Studies
9. Department of Urdu
10. Department of Anthropology
11. Department of Sociology

We offer students a creative and enterprising learning community in which to study a range of high quality undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the arts, humanities, media, and social sciences.

Our faculty is highly committed to providing excellent levels of teaching and support for our students. While students are studying we seek to offer them exciting opportunities to work with a rich mix of regional, national and international organizations, and to take part in research, workplace learning, student internships and the sharing of best practice.

The faculty is committed to developing research excellence across all of its subject areas. Our research has real social, economic, and cultural impact, and faculty is committed to working with research users to support their needs. Our outstanding research also keeps our teaching up to date, giving students the opportunity to engage in cutting edge debate and practice.

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