Four Days Workshop/Training on the Art of Living

The Department of Sociology in collaboration with ORIC-FJWEDC is organizing a 4 day workshop on ‘The Art of Living".

Everything under the Sun, You Need to Know, to ‘Be Happy’


  • To create a catalyst for change and empowerment in the youth of Pakistan
  • To teach ways for being happy, and maintain well-being
  • To better manage stressful situations that lead to


  • To get involved and take responsibly to change world around them
  • Young people get the opportunity to use their talent to transform things for the better in a way they enjoy
  • The better, happier, and healthier well-being, leading to more productivity and sustained work

The Resource Person

Shahnaz Minallah
She is the Leader Trainer, one of the only four in Pakistan, who is conducting these workshops all over the country.

Dr Adeela Rehman

She is the Head of the Department of Sociology, FJWU. Her major work includes Sociology of Health, and well-being

Ms. Saira Batool

Ms Saira Batool is a Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, IIUI. Her research is based on Sociology of Happiness

To download Breakdown of the sessions click here

Date: February 20-23, 2020.
Time: 8:00am-4:00pm
Venue: New Auditorium / MP Hall, FJWU
Resource Person
Ms. Shahnaz Minallah, Leader Trainer
Dr. Adeela Rehman, HoD, Department of Sociology, FJWU
Ms. Saira Batool, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, IIUI
Registration Fee
For Students: Rs. 1000/-
For Faculty/Staff/Professionals: Rs. 2000/-
Date of Registration: February 14-20, 2020

For any query kindly contact at 051-9292900 Ext No. 1136 and 135 (Education Building)

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