Research Publication Workshop by Department of Education, FJWU

Department of Education, Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi propose one day workshop comprising of Four sessions on Research Publication for Graduate students and faculty members. The workshop is designed to focus on key topics in publication in social sciences. The workshop will be delivered in participatory mode that will comprise presentations, directed discussions and hand-on activities—discussing some prototypes from recommended journals with high impact factor. In addition to an appreciative and/or critical review on Research Publication, the workshop significantly seeks to encourage constructive dialogue aimed at helping research students to draw research articles from thesis work. Participants will also learn about the Journal of Educational Research and Professional Development (JERPD) and various ways to get an access of JERPR and publish research materials.
Objectives of the Workshop
Participants will be able to gain practical experience to:

  1. Choose an appropriate journals for publication in social sciences
  2. Select relevant repositories for their research outputs
  3. Comprehend the differences between publication, sharing, and archiving.
  4. Differentiate between open and restricted access publication.
  5. Get an overview of the tools and repositories for publishing research outputs.
  6. Gauge the process of getting article published from thesis work
  7. Learn about the protocols of research outputs that should and should not (e.g. confidential data) be published.

Sessions of the Workshop
This workshop will be comprised of following three sessions on July 01, 2021 at 09:30am to 2:30pm.


Time Duration

Resource Person


Why to Publish? Understanding the Publishing Process


Dr. Malik Ghulam Behlol


Targeting Research Journals & Organising a Manuscript


Ms. Faiza Masood


Writing Styles and Rules of Writing to Publish


Dr. Salma Nazar Khan


Avoiding Plagiarism and Understanding Similarity Index


Ms Saadia

Intended audience:  Faculty and Graduate Students [FJWU and outside FJWU]
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(Given the aims of this hand-on workshop only serious participants fulfilling the criteria to participate will be selected to submit the fee. You will receive a confirmation email along with the mechanism to submit the registration fee if you fulfill the criteria to participate in this workshop)