FJWU Radio VOW FM 96.6

Radio VOW FM 96.6 MHz started its transmission from August 14, 2006 in collaboration with USAID. It is the project of Communication and Media Studies Department and is the first FM Radio Station which is run and managed by a Women's University.

Radio VOW FM 96.6 MHz acknowledges special days and broadcasts special programs for such events as Kashmir Day, Iqbal Day, and Women's Week. Dr Shamim Zaidi, Chairperson Communication and Media Studies is the over all Incharge of Campus Radio Station, whereas Ms Sadia Ishtiaq is the Station Manager. All programs are organized by the students under the supervision of Mrs. Shama Khalid (Sr. Producer), Ms. Anila Farooq (Producer) and two Assistant Producers, Ms. Andalleb Amir and Ms. Roquia Khursheed. Other than these, all the departments of the University are involved in the production of the Educational Programs. The Radio Station has increased its live transmission time from sixty minutes to three hours. FJWU Campus Radio has the following aims and objectives:

  • To bring educational and informational programming fair to the FJWU students 
  • To provide a platform to the students to build their communication skills and give them exposure to a working media environment.
  • The Radio Station also acts as a Community Radio addressing community issues and building awareness about them.
  • Radio VOW FM 96.6 MHz also provides hands-on training to media students. It trains them in various aspects of sound production, editing and anchoring.