International Conference

“Language, Literature, Literacy: COVID and Post-COVID Times”

Conference Dates: May 10-12 2022

International Conference


The Department of English at Fatima Jinnah Women University will host an International Conference on May 10 – 12, 2022 in Rawalpindi. The theme of the conference is Language, Literature, Literacy: COVID and Post-COVID Times. The conference aims to explore the changes in language, literature and literacy during these unprecedented times by bringing together leading academics, experts, professionals, researchers and research scholars from across the globe as well as Pakistan who are connected with linguistics, languages, literacy and literature so as to exchange and share their knowledge, experiences, and research findings. The conference programme will feature keynote and plenary speeches, academic presentations and panel discussions.

Conference Areas

Following the main theme, the papers may fall within the areas listed below:

Morphology and Syntax

Semantics and Pragmatics

Phonetics and Phonology

Stylistics and Discourse analysis

Language Policy and Planning

First and second language acquisition & learning

Historical Linguistics


Language ideology, identity, prestige, power and politics

Forensic linguistics

Corpus linguistics

Language documentation

Linguistic typology

Language curriculum and pedagogy in multilingual societies

Digital linguistic resources

Linguistic analysis of social media

Language endangerment, preservation and revitalization

Language contact and Linguistic variation

Language shift and maintenance

Native and non-native speaker dichotomy

Language rights

Language and communication

Literature and Postmodernism

Literature and Media

Literature and Film

Trauma, War and Terrorism Studies in Literature

Contemporary Literature

Comparative Literature

Literature and Human Rights

Literature and Refugee Crises

Literature of Globalization and Marginalized Societies

Pakistani Anglophone Literature

Literatures in Pakistani Languages

Literature and Gender

Post-Colonial Literature

Digital Humanities

Environmental Humanities/Eco Criticism

FOR Contact

EMAIL:[email protected]
TEL: +92-051-9292900 136

Dr. Sarwet Rasul
Chairperson (Overall Coordinator)
Department of English

Dr. Fakhira Riaz
Assistant Professor (Conference Coordinator)
Department of English

Dr. Saira Asghar Khan
Assistant Professor (Conference Co-Coordinator)
Department of English

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