Internship Procedure

For completion of a degree at FJWU, internship is mandatory. Placement Office deals with this university policy and helps the students secure internships at various organizations related to their field of education. The internship periods is for six weeks and are offered during the summer vacation.

How the internships are arranged:

Internships are arranged in two different ways.

  1. By the university.
  2. By the students themselves.
  • Third semester Master’s students and sixth semester undergraduate students would be required to do their internship in summer.
  • A complete record of their internships, organizations, supervisors, evaluation sheets and other relevant information is maintained.


  • The internships, which are arranged by the university, have the following procedure. Placement office officially contacts different organizations. Then send the students required by them.
  • The organizations also contact Placement Office with regard of internships. Placement office places the request on notice board & sends it to the concerned department for nominations. Resumes of relevant students will be forwarded to organizations. At the time of confirmation of internship students will be issued a letter and evaluation sheet for onward transmission to the organization. All students are required to collect these documents from the placement office before the start of their Internship. These documents will not be issued after the internship has started
  • The other way is that if students are interested in doing internship in some particular organization. Then the student has to submit an application forwarded by the In charge department containing the name, designation, complete address and contact no. of the desired person/organization. Placement office then checks with the organization and provides the university reference letter and the evaluation forms.
  • The evaluation sheet is submitted directly by the organization to the placement office. The student must ensure that the evaluation sheet reaches the placement office within two weeks of completion of Internship.
  • Each student will be required to submit an Internship report individually.
  • Students have to submit the copy of internship completion certificate issued by the Head/Supervisor of organization.