FJWU Organized "Anti-Drug Awareness Seminar for Students"

Rawalpindi: ( ) Department of Commerce and Department of Law, Fatima Jinnah Women University has Organized a seminar titled ‘Anti-Drug Awareness amongst Students’ to spread awareness amongst the students about drugs abuse, the harmful effects they cause to our  mental, physical, social and economic lives, their illegality and the fierce enforcement taking place for countering the narcotics in Pakistan. For the said purpose, Brigadier Hammad Ahmed Dogar, the commander of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) - North, was the guest speaker.

Brigadier Hammad Ahmed Dogar, firstly, gave the introduction of the ANF and the countering areas where the ANF is deployed on ground. He then shared the certain alarming Facts and figures about the drugs production and its usage. He highlighted the several causes that are observed in the young generations to go towards the drug addiction. The main reason includes weakness in faith, depression, pear pressure, unintentional dependency of medicines, and lack of self- control, for experience and to enhance performance.

He imperatively held the strengthening of faith as the effective solution for curbing drug abuse. He made recommendations of self believe, Self-control, reduction in communication gaps, strong family bonding, self-awareness and the involvement in healthy activities as a workable way out to counter the drugs inclination. He suggested treating a drug addict as a patient and always being empathetic for his rehabilitation process. He asked the young students to pledge not to be diverted by any wrong company and to always uphold the esteem of their faith and their family.

At the end of the informative and beneficial session, discussion, Registrar of Fatima Jinnah Women University, Professor Samina Bokhari presented the respected Guests with university’s souvenir.