FJWU Organized Drug Awareness Seminar

Rawalpindi:  Department of Communication & Media Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University Organized an event to aware the students about “Drug addiction”, its causes and effects as well as remedies. Dr. Faisal Rashid Khan was the guest speaker who belongs to SOCH FOUNDATION.

He highlighted the several causes that are observed in the young generations to go towards the drug addiction. The main reasons maybe depression, pear pressure, unintentional dependency of medicines, lack of self- control, for experience and to enhance performance.

He also shared his recommendations to the society that how to deal with the drug addicts i.e. either by counseling by psychiatrist sessions or by rehabilitation. It was also advised to the addicts or the drug takes to open up themselves to their parent’s teachers and friends to seek guidance.

At the end of the healthy discussion, HOD of Communication & Media Studies, Dr. Ahlam Tariq presented the Guests with shields to appreciate their efforts on awareness session.

Dr. Ahlam Tariq presenting souvenir to Dr. Faisal Rashid Khan

Dr. Faisal Rashid Khan delivering lecture to students.