FJWU Organized "Qualitative Research Workshop Series III, 2019"

Rawalpindi: ORIC (Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization) was collaborated with Department of Anthropology organized a three day training workshop on "Qualitative Research" from February (6-8, 2019). A series of three Qualitative Research Workshop was provided hands-on, in-depth and advanced training on the philosophy and history of QR, specific methodologies of qualitative data collection, sampling & research design issues and analytic techniques.

Head of Anthropology Department Dr. Muhammad Bilal was the resource person of the workshop, he given briefed introduction of the workshop and said the workshop aims to orient the participants in understanding the processes of Data management & Qualitative analysis: traditions & approaches and the workshop was designed to include illuminating lectures and presentations in philosophy of research as well as building an understanding of various stages of data analysis. Also he covered these topics in three day workshop how to data management from raw data to refinement, building a thematic framework, indexing (CODING), sorting the data by theme or concept summarizing or synthesizing the data, how to refining categories and classifying data and what are analysis process and analytical hierarchy.

Three Day workshop was consisted on (three sessions of two hours per day). Each session involved practicum where participants were do relevant exercises to grasp a clear research idea. These sessions were provided an opportunity to participants to develop advanced methodological skills and exchange of ideas with peers.

Almost 49 participants of (Bachelors, Masters, M.Phil. & PhDs), Faculty Members of all Disciplines of Social Sciences Associate professors, lecturer from FJWU also Research Officer, Psychologist and students from AIOU, NUMS University, Islamic University Islamabad , Health Service Academy,  A.W.K  University Marden, National Defense University, Head Quarter Intelligence, and Sophia University attended the Workshop.

At the closing ceremony Dr. Sarwet Rasul appreciated the initiative of the Department of Anthropology to organizing such a wonderful workshop and said FJWU aims to promote the highest standards of academic excellence in teaching and research.

At the closing ceremony Head of Anthropology Department Dr. Muhammad Bilal resource person and Dr. Sarwet Rasul distributed certificated among participants.

Pictures of participants during workshop

Head of Anthropology Department Dr. Muhammad Bilal elaborating participants

Group photo at the end of workshop