FJWU Participated in 1st Prime Minister National Para Game for Visually Impaired Athletes

Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi Participated in 1st Prime Minister National Para Game for Visually Impaired Athletes, which was held from 25th to 29th June, 2022 and won gold, silver and bronze medal

Rawalpindi (01-7-2022) Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi took part in the Pakistan Blind Sports Federation's First Prime Minister National Para Game for Visually Impaired Athletes, which was held from June 25 to June 29 at the Sports Complex in Islamabad.

The Pakistan Blind Sports Federation (PBSF) serves as an umbrella organization for the six federating units of Pakistan's regional and provincial blind sports associations. Since it was founded six years ago, the Pakistan Blind Support Federation has worked to support blind students. This is the first time that the said event was held under the name of Prime Minister Para Games. The Para Games, which attracted blind athletes from all across Pakistan, was the largest competition in Pakistani history.

120 athletes from all over Pakistan participated in this event. Four disciples including Athletics and Judo were played in the games. The event was being organized with the help of the present government and the students were given regular training and the games kicked off from 25 June.

To ensure that students have a rich and varied campus experience, FJWU offers students top-notch sports facilities and a complete calendar of events. It gives blind students the opportunity to participate in constructive extracurricular activities and encourages them to do so. FJWU is doing its part to mitigate the gender stereotypes and negative perceptions of people with disabilities by providing disabled women and girls the chance to compete and showcase their physical prowess. Such opportunities enables people with visual impairment to become people of vision — a vision of an accessible future full of exciting opportunities for all.

FJWU Blind team players total got 06 Six medals one shield and also participation certificates in 1st Prime Minister National Para Game 2022. Dr. Sheikh Saeed Ahmad, Director Sports at Fatima Jinnah Women University, stated that the university is making efforts to upgrade its athletic facilities to facilitate the students.

FJWU Blind team secured the following positions in this games

Mehwish Rafiq and Ms. Tahmina earned the gold medal in goal ball from the department of Urdu and Islamic studies. Judo champions Tayyaba Akhtar from the Islamic Studies department and Memoona Abbas from the sociology department each managed to win a bronze medal. Sidra Bostan, a student of Islamic Studies, bagged a bronze medal in archery, while Mehwish Rafiq, a student of Urdu, earned silver medal in the 100-meter run.