FJWU Students Secure Exclusive Internships at NBF and Pioneering Initiative: Free Braille Books for Differently-Abled Scholar

Dr. Raja Mazhar, the Managing Director (MD) of the National Book Foundation (NBF), made a significant announcement during a seminar on Guidance and Counseling organized by the students within the Faculty of Education. The announcement highlighted the allocation of four coveted paid internships exclusively for students within the Faculty of Education. The seminar, held under the watchful guidance of Dr. Saima Afzal, featured a compelling role play crafted by Kinza Noreen and Eisha Arshad, shedding light on essential aspects of Guidance and Counseling.

The esteemed presence of Dr. Raja Mazhar as the Chief Guest, alongside Secretary Murad Ali, elevated the stature of the occasion. Dr. Mazhar extended a gracious invitation to both students and faculty members to explore the offerings of the NBF. In a touching moment, Ms. Hina, a remarkable blind student, shared her inspiring academic journey, prompting the Chief Guest to generously announce free access to all braille books at the NBF for Hina.

Adding to the event's significance, Dean Dr. Ghulam Behlol from the Faculty of Education provided motivational insights, fostering enthusiasm among the participants. The seamless coordination of the seminar was skillfully managed by Dr. Hajra and Ms. Shakeela, both esteemed members of the Faculty of Education.

Beyond its academic focus on Guidance and Counseling, this event served as a platform for meaningful connections between students and respected professionals present, enhancing the overall learning experience and fostering a sense of community among attendees.