Seminar on Harassment and Violence Against Women held at FJWU

RAWLPINDI: In connection with the upcoming International Women Day, Women Research and Resource Centre (WRRC) of Fatima Jinnah Women University arranged an informative and sensitizing seminar on Harassment and Violence Free society. The objective of this seminar, conducted in collaboration with Rozan, was to create awareness regarding harassment and violence against women.

A panel talk was also held during the seminar which was initiated and moderated by Manager Zest Program of Rozan, Ms.Fozia Yasmin. Panelists included Supreme Court lawyer, Ms. Huma Jamil Babar, senior Psychologist Ms. Roohi Ghani and Ms. Kashaf Rehman from Bolobhi organization. While talking about the workplace harassment law Ms. Huma said that most women in the workforce are still unaware of this law even though it has been around for ten years. She advised students to follow all the necessary steps which would help in building a case in their favour if they face harassment. From documentation and involvement of a union, if any, to involvement of the state by filing a complaint, workers should know that their rights are protected. Ms. Kashaf Rehman said that sharing of others data on social media without seeking their permission may lead to some problems. She urged the students to take precautionary measures to secure their data on social media. Ms. Roohi Ghani highlighted the effects of violence on physical, psychological and emotional health. She stressed that we need to make women powerful and that power lies within. Ms. Fouzia Yasmin concentrated on the fact that women are nation builders and can play a great role in eliminating the gender violence against women in any society by supporting the victimized women and in the longer run, upbringing their children on the concepts of equity. Students took great interest in the discussion and shared their views about this challenge of various types of violence existing in our society.

The discussion was encapsulated by Director WRRC, Prof. Dr. Shaheena Ayub Bjhatti. She congratulated on bringing forth this highly informative and sensitive topic at the forum for conversation. A theatre performance was also arranged by Satranga Cultural Development Organization (SCDO) which wallows to create awareness about these issues and fosters the flowing wind of social change in the society.

Group pictures of Panelist with Organizers

Theatre performance by Satranga Cultural Development Organization (SCDO)