Workshop on Self Assessment Report Writting

RAWALPINDI - One day workshop on “Self- Assessment Report Writing” was organized by Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), Fatima Jinnah Women University. The workshop was organized for program team members of academic departments to provide training in Self-Assessment Report Writing. Convener of this training workshop was Dr. Zainab Jehan, Additional Director, QEC.

The Workshop comprises of two sessions, in first session Ms. Nosheen Naz, Assistant Director, QEC discussed the current status of previous findings of Assessment Team Members, with program teams. This was followed by 2nd session in which Air. Cdr® Muhammad Ismail Director, Quality Enhancement Cell, National University of Medical Sciences was the resource person. While emphasizing the importance of self-assessment process, he said that self-assessment is most important for department, in order to review their progress and short comings.

He elaborated the process of self-assessment and objectives of self-assessment, defined roles of Program teams (PTs) and Assessment Teams (ATs).  He also oriented the faculty for the criteria of program mission, objectives and outcome, formulating the program and designing of courses during the workshop.

Dr. Zainab Jehan in her closing remarks expressed that QEC at Fatima Jinnah Women University will strive for excellence with the support of all stakeholders.