Department of Public Health and Allied Sciences

Brief Histroy:The Department of Public Health and Allied Sciences (DPH&AS) has been established in 2022 under the new Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy with the international collaboration, especially of University of Manitoba, Canada. Considering Pakistan's strikingly different public health departments, FJWU’s niche is integrating social sciences in public health This approach makes DPH&AS a unique department in the country as it considers health a ‘biosocial’ phenomenon, thus, aims to bring multidimensions of public health to the center stage that require multidisciplinary attention, inquiries, and analyses for establishing evidence—which can help appropriately deal with the immense challenges of health of population at the community, national and global levels. Understanding health and illness subsequent outcomes of an ongoing interplay among socio-cultural, economic, (geo-) political and environmental factors, DPH&AS has initiated the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Since there is a dire need to educate, advocate, and keep communities healthy, this undergraduate degree focuses on four “Ps” of public health: Prevention, Promotion, Protection, and Population-based care.


To achieve excellence in public health teaching, training, and capacity building through provision of micro and macro perspectives of health, healthcare, innovation, critical-thinking and lifelong learning skills.


To conduct academic programs and high-impact fundamental as well as applied research whilst applying state-of-the-art and innovative methodologies for educating and encouraging students to become well-rounded public health professionals who are capable of competing and excelling in versatile settings: academia and public health institutions.

Undergraduate Program


BS Public Health
Award: Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Attendance: Full Time
Duration: 4 Years

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