“FJWU–AMCAP International Media Conference 2021”

Conference Dates: February 17-18, 2021

Introduction of Organizers

Fatima Jinnah Women University, (FJWU), The Mall, Rawalpindi

Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU), was established in the year 1998 in the premises of the Old Presidency situated at the Mall, Rawalpindi.

Our heritage has been beautifully interlinked with the education of women for the next millennium. The main building is Victorian as reflected in its architectural splendor. This building was originally built as a residence by two famous Sikh brothers, Mohan Singh and Sohan Singh. It became the Presidency of Pakistan around the mid-1960s. The rooms are steeped in history; personalities like Benazir Bhutto, Chaudhry Fazal Elahi and President Zia-ul-Haq have walked in the corridors of this building. As it stands, it is a symbol of the commitment of the nation to women’s education. The University is unique in the fact that the Punjab Government funds it. The Government of Punjab is very supportive of the university, thereby, furthering the cause of women’s education and empowerment.

FJWU is an emerging institution with swift derive towards digitization. During Covid-19, University effectively implemented the ‘Standards for Online Education systems’ by devising contemporary online mechanisms and tools. University has recently taken the initiative of participation in Impact Ranking by Times Higher Education to celebrate its impact created in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. FJWU is striving towards excellence by promoting its research culture in the field of publications and research projects.

International Conferences, Webinars and Workshops are the regular feature of Fatima Jinnah Women University. FJWU organized two International Conferences in the year 2019, one on the title of ‘Interfaith Harmony, Challenges in the 21st century’ and the second of ‘Peace Building between Pakistan and Afghanistan’, in collaboration with Forum for Dignity initiative (FDI) while the National Conference on ‘Promoting Teaching and Assessment of Higher Order thinking skills in in the 21st century’ was also arranged.

Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP)

The Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP) is a collective effort of prominent communication scholars to promote research and address gaps in media and communication education by bringing academics of the field under one umbrella.

Established in 2017 under Musarat Jamal Khurshid (MJK) Trust the Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP) is an independent association to promote mutual exchange of ideas to promote media and communication research and education. AMCAP is an initiative to bring academics from media departments to join hands to share ideas and get equal opportunities of sharing and learning. It also aims to provide the opportunities to academics, journalists and media professionals, researchers, policy makers and social entrepreneurs to join hands to offer solutions to the problems faced by Pakistan through collective deliberations and practical initiatives.

AMCAP has successfully organized five international conferences addressing the themes of media education & research, women structure and agency, freedom of expression, investigative journalism, media and conflict resolution, role of media in poverty alleviation and economic development. The association has initiated Doctoral Spring School in media and Social Sciences to strengthen the research and theoretical foundation of Pakistani academia. This unique program invites leading international and national Professors, researchers and scholars to deliver training modules, workshops, lectures and seminars to students, researchers and faculty. Moreover, AMCAP has launched two research journals and building a database of Pakistani researches in the field of media studies.

Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Our third partner, for this conference is Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad, Pakistan. HEC is an independent autonomous body, founded in 2002, with core strategic objective of strengthening management and governance of Pakistani Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s). In this context, Higher Education Commission’s contribution and supportive role in FJWU’s research capacity building, faculty development and infrastructure enhancement is undeniable.

Since its inception, FJWU has completed several educational projects and research endeavors in collaboration with HEC. The University arranges International Workshops, Seminars and Conferences on annual basis with the financial support of HEC. As per new policy, HEC has given autonomy to the Pakistani Universities by allocating conference funds in their annual cumulative budgets for the effective utilization of conference funds. This process has increased the effectiveness of this efficient procedure. The conference proposal by the Department of Communication and Media Studies, FJWU, is very timely and on the much needed topic of ’Digital  Media Ecologies in the New Normal: Challenges and Opportunities’. Keeping the significance of the conference topic and its relevance with today’s challenges and to support communication and media department’s initiative, FJWU along with HEC is mutually facilitating this academic venture.

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