Name: Prof. Dr. Nargis Bibi
Designation: Professor / Chairperson
Department: Computer Sciences
Qualification: PhD, June 2014
Phone: +92-51-9292900 (2031)
Email: [email protected]
Status: On Job
Dr. Nargis Bibi

Professional Experience


International Journal Publications:

  1. N. Muhammad, N. Bibi, Z. Mehmood and D.G. Kim , “Blind Data Hiding Technique Using the Fresnelet Transform”, SpringerPlus 4(1) · December 2015 DOI: 10.1186/s40064-015-1534-1
  2. N. Bibi, A. Kleerekoper, B.Cheetham, N.Filer, “Equation-Method with enhanced strategies for reducing the bit-errors caused by clipping distortion in OFDM signals”, International Journal of Simulation Systems Science and Technology 08/2014; Volume 15(Number 4).
  3. N. Muhammad, N. Bibi , “Digital image watermarking using partial pivoting lower and upper triangular decomposition into the wavelet domain”, IET Image Processing (Impact Factor: 0.75). 06/2015; 9(9). DOI: 10.1049/iet-ipr.2014.0395.
  4. M. Nazeer, N. Bibi, Y.M.Malik, D.G. Kim, “A Fresnelet-Based Encryption of Medical Images using Arnold Transform”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 4, No.3, Feb 2013

Peer Reviewed Conference publications/Posters

  1. N. Bibi, B.Cheetham, “Inverted wrap-around (IWRAP) limiting to reduce high PAPR of OFDM signals”, International Congress of Women Mathematicians, Seoul, South Korea, August 2014.
  2. N. Bibi, N. Muhammad, B.Cheetham, “OFDM clipping distortion compensation using Hybrid ARQ”, International Congress of Mathematicians, Seoul, South Korea, August 2014.

  4. N. Bibi, “OFDM clipping distortion compensation using the Equation-Method”, presented in ACM womENcourage Europe symposium, March 2014.
  5. N. Bibi, A. Kleerekoper, B.Cheetham, “Equation-Method for reducing the bit-errors caused by clipping distortion in OFDM signals”, 7th European Modelling Symposium on Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation, November 2013.
  6. N.Bibi and B. Cheetham, “Clipping noise mitigating iterative receivers for OFDM”, 3rd IEEE International Conference on Networked Embedded Systems for Every Application (NESEA), pp. 1-5, 13-14 Dec. 2012
  7. S. H. Khayal, A. Khan, N. Bibi, T. Ashraf, “Analysis of Password Login Phishing Based Protocols for Security Improvements”, International Conference on Emerging Technologies, 2009.


    Mobile Networks, Error Control Coding, Ad hoc Networks, Quality of Service of Wireless Networks


    HRD Scholarship Award for MS leading to PhD, 2010


  • Workshop on Active Learning Methods, 15-18 September, 2014, FJWU, Rawalpindi.
  • Workshop on Intellectual property rights, 16-17 Oct 2015, HEC Islamabad
  • CPD workshop on Good Governance, 23-25 November 2015, FJWU, Rawalpindi.
  • Workshop on Innovative Pedagogy for higher education, 7-11 December 2015, FJWU in collaboration with UT Austin.

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