Brief Histroy: The department of Commerce was established in 2014 in Fatima Jinnah Women University, realizing the needs of industry. Commerce is related to the field of economics that involves the activities implied by the trading of products. Studies in commerce include a wide range of subject options, immersive learning experiences and a strong commercial grounding in business such as accounting, banking, business sustainability, human resource management, international business, quantitative finance, entrepreneurship, among many others.


Provide excellent and value based commerce education to enhance academic excellence, innovational skills, and entrepreneurial abilities to ultimately transform the graduates into ethical business professionals.


Equip the graduates with the knowledge and skills in accounting & business, and to enable them to work in today’s highly competitive professional business environment. The program provides greater breadth and depth in multiple disciplines accounting, finance, management and marketing as well as in related fields of social sciences to hone the technical skills of the students to prepare them for entering into multifarious professional careers.

Undergraduate Program


BS Commerce (Hons)
Award: Bachelors of Commerce
Attendance: Full Time
Duration: 4 Years

Graduate Program


Master of Science in Accounting and Finance
Award: Master of Science in Accounting and Finance
Attendance: Full Time
Duration: 2 Years

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