Administration Office

Administration Office (Academics and Admin)

    Admin Office (Academics).
    The contracts of full time faculty and staff, visiting faculty, thesis supervisors and their payment bills are prepared in this office. Office orders and notices regarding different matters of full time and permanent faculty and staff like Ex-Pakistan leave, earned leave, leave without pay, study leave, maternity leave etc. are also issued by this office.
    Record of earned and casual leave, personal files and service books are also maintained and updated. Student evaluations of instructors for Winter and Fall Semesters are also mailed from this office. This office also initiates and coordinates Inter-Departmental Competitions held annually.

    Admin Office (Admin).
    The Admin Office (Admin) performs following tasks:

  • It organizes interviews for hiring of employees from BPS-1 to BPS-16. Performance evaluation and facilitation in renewal of their contracts is also done by this office. It issues office orders and notices regarding matters pertaining to different employees and maintains Service Books of permanent employees of FJWU.
  • It provides the logistic support in organizing different events of the University along with the arrangement of refreshment.
  • It liaisons with the Departments.
  • It deals with the vehicles of the University, Cafeteria, Shops, University Quarters, Car Passes, security and Purchases.
  • It allocates duties of Drivers, Naib Qasids and Sanitary Workers.
  • It circulates Notices and helps in issuance of furniture and stationery.
  • It is responsible for the publication of Tender Notices and Advertisements of the University.
  • It maintains the record of photographs and CDs of different events.
  • It keeps a check over the cleanliness of University premises.