M.Phil. Sociology

M.Phil. Sociology
Duration: Two Years (4 Semesters)

The Master of Philosophy in Sociology (M. Phil.) is a research based degree that aims to provide an opportunity to study society and social change at an advanced level. The program provides high-quality students, who already have a degree in social science, with an in-depth knowledge of the key dimensions of sociology. The program envision to involve students in the scientific research process to equip with the abilities to conduct and disseminate original research.

Scope/Employment opportunities
After completion of M.Phil. Sociology, students will be able to find employment in the academic and Educational Institutions, Government Organization, Public Health and Social Welfare Organizations, Non-Governmental organization, International Multi-sectoral Organization, Civil Services, Social Services, Corporate organizations and Private Firms etc.

Eligibility Criteria
Sixteen year of education in Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Behavioral Sciences, Social Work, English Literature, Media Studies, Development Studies.
Admission Process
Departmental admission test and interview (70% for test and interview 30% Marks).

Program duration 2 years (4 semesters)
Credit hours: 30 credit hours
 (24 Credit Hour Courses Work + 6 Credit hours Thesis)
Core Courses: 5 Courses (15 credit hours)
Elective Courses 3 Courses (9 credit hours)

Thesis: 6 Credit Hours