Abstract Call for 2nd International Conference on "Collaborative Partnerships in Strengthening Social Sciences: Addressing Indigenous and Global Challenges"


Revised Dates of the Conference:

December 15 to 17, 2022.


Globalization and the changing face of educational leadership emphasis the critical role of professional development of academicians and researchers to meet the emerging advancements. The continuous education of higher education faculty must be a regular feature with a vivid focus on incorporating the global aspect of curriculum development and advanced practices in research. An interdisciplinary approach in social sciences calls for partnerships and collaborations as a way fostering the critical role in tackling the emerging needs and meeting the challenges of the development and upgradation of education sector. Partnerships both nationally and internationally have become a commonplace for finding the solutions of issues of national interest in almost every area. Likewise, research and innovation in social sciences is an utmost priority. Along the way, addressing indigenous and global challenges in social sciences demand solutions through developing partnership alliances.

Fatima Jinnah Women University invite the submission of papers for the 2nd International Conference on “Collaborative Partnerships in Strengthening Social Sciences: Addressing Indigenous and Global Challenges” under the Project “Strengthening Teaching and Research Capacity in Pakistani Universities through Collaborative Partnership in Social Sciences”. The conference is a part of US-Pakistan University Partnerships Grants Program (UPGP) funded by US government and administrated by the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP).

We are aiming to provide a platform to national and international research scholars and academicians with the opportunity to share and learn from research on conference themes across the countries and to have an opportunity of developing research consortiums and collaborations further.   


  • To strengthen research partnerships in social sciences
  • To promote positive healthy classroom environment conducive to the needs of the students
  • To highlight challenges and solutions in advancing research in Social Sciences
  • To collaborate globally for research expansion in Higher Education Institutions   
  • To understand the curriculum development through incorporating the global aspects and current technological innovations and practices
  • To foster the application of best practices in pedagogic teaching and research.
  • To integrate the role of  different forms of media in teaching and research
  • To integrate the multidisciplinary approach to address social sciences issues
  • To contribute in professional capacity building of social sciences faculty for impactful and sustainable Higher Education Institutions in Pakistan

Sub Themes:

  • Practices and Approaches in Teaching Pedagogy
  • Curriculum Development: Evaluation and Quality Aspects
  • Classroom Management Strategies, Integrating Technology in Classrooms, and Creating a Productive Learning Environment
  • Forms of Media/ Media Evolution and Development
  • Blended Learning & Pedagogical Skills
  • Models of Teaching Instruction & Assessment Strategies



  • Understanding and Enhancing Students’ Learning
  • Qualitative Enquiry in Social Sciences (Process, Impact, Validation, Emerging Considerations, Grant Protocols)    
  • Quantitative & Mix Method Approaches in Social Sciences (Process, Impact, Validation, Emerging Considerations, Grant Protocols)   
  • Crisis Management in Educational Institutions
  • Mental Health Impact/ Mental health of Students/ Teachers/ Staff/ Management
  • Educational Leadership

Registration Fee: (PKR) FJWU Students: 500/- FJWU Faculty: 1000/- Others: 1500/- International Participants: 25 Euro Conference Registration Link:



Fee Submission Information: Account Title/ Number: FJWU Trainings Workshops and Conferences: PK02FWOM0039023097510000

Note: Keep receipt of fee submission save and submit a scan copy via email. Handover original receipt on Registration Desk on day of the Conference. International participants should contact first to receive relevant instructions for fee submission.


Partner Universities  

  • Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (Federal Capital) 
  • University of Sargodha, Sargodha (Punjab Province)
  • Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi (Punjab Province)
  • Govt College Women University, Faisalabad  (Punjab Province)
  • Kohsar University Murree (Punjab Province) 
  • Women University Swabi (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province) 
  • Hazara University Mansehra (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province)


Call for Abstracts: Submission: 30th October, 2022 Acceptance: 10th November, 2022 Registration Deadline: 15th November, 2022 Email: [email protected]

Abstracts Submission: Word Limit: 250 Font: 12 Times New Roman Key Words: 3-4 Name: All authors with their designation and email should be written properly at the top of the abstract (see standard abstract submission template on website: www.fjwu.edu.pk)


Conference Team

Conference Patron
Dr. Saima Hamid Vice Chancellor Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

                    Conference Co-Coordinators
Dr. Shazia Hashmat Assistant Professor Department of Communication & Media Studies FJWU

Dr. Shaheryar Naveed Assistant Professor Department of Public Administration Additional Director   Centre For Learning Excellence, FJWU


Conference Secretary
Ms. Fatima Gul Project Assistant, FJWU


Conference Chief Organizer
Dr. Aneela Maqsood (PI) Associate Professor of Psychology Department of Behavioral Sciences Additional Director National Centre for Research on Suicide Prevention, FJWU


Conference Co-Organizer
Dr. Adeela Rehman (CO-PI) Assistant Professor Department of Sociology, FJWU


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