Convocation 2024

The Convocation for the graduates of 2023 will be held on 11th January 2024 . All graduates (BS/Masters/M.Phil & PhD) who want to attend convocation are requested to register for convocation in their respective departments till December 25th, 2023. The convocation fee inclusive of all charges is PKR 4000 (student only).

Do’s and Don’ts for students for Convocation, 2024 to be held on 11th January,  2024

  • Bring registration and invitation cards on both days along with CNIC /NADRA token in case of loss of CNIC (Guest and student).
  • Dress code should be strictly followed (neutral color dresses, black / brown coat shoes, tied hair, no heavy jewelry, no chappals / sandals).
  • Do not leave your guest unattended at the time of registration, as it will cause security problem.
  • Students should strictly follow the timings (which will be conveyed to them by their respective departments) on both days, no entry will be allowed after closing the registration process as well as doors.
  • On convocation day, no mobile phones, hand bags or cameras are allowed.
  • Any student not complying the dress code or any other requirements will not be allowed to participate in the rehearsal as well as the convocation proceedings. No Exception.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of the Convocation should be strictly followed.
  • Children are not allowed on both rehearsal and convocation day. Therefore, you should make arrangements beforehand. No requests will be entertained.
  • No changes regarding guests will be entertained after the registration process is over.
  • Brothers of the students (as guests) will be allowed only under extra ordinary circumstances after due approval of the Competent Authority.
  • Students have to complete all degree requirements before registration. Students on thesis extension must have viva before closing dates of registration.
  • Convocation registration is not mandatory for all the students if they are not attending convocation.
  • No exception will be entertained in any case.

Student Registration fee will be Rs. 4000/ till December 1st 2023 to December 25, 2023 without fine. From December 26th 2023 till January 1st, 2024, Rs 500/per day will be charged for late registration.

No registration case will be entertained 10 days before convocation.