FJWU Organized a Seminar on "Program on Science & Mental Neutral Child Health"

Rawalpindi - Fatima Jinnah Women University organized a seminar on “Program on Science & Mental Neutral Child Health”. Dr. James Blanchard, MD, MPH, PhD from the Center for ‘Global Public Health’, University of Manitoba was the Guest Speaker. He talked about the role of academia in ‘Global Public Health’ improvement and informed about his research work and details of the ‘Program on Science & Mental Neutral Child Health’.

Dr. James Blanchard told that the aim of this program is to improve the health of people through collective social actions of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to achieve ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Empowerment’ for all and especially the women and to end all form of discrimination against girls everywhere in the world. Further to this, he talked about improving access to maternal and child health services for rural women. He added that we as citizens and educationist should take the responsibility to spread this information to achieve these community development goals.

Further talking about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) he said SDGs are unique as they cover the issues that affect us all. They reaffirm our international commitment to end poverty, gender issues, and overall issues permanently everywhere. These goals are ambitious in making sure that no one is left behind, more importantly, they involve us all to build a more sustainable, safe more prosperous place for all humanity.

At the end, Vice Chancellor Dr. Saima Hamid presented souvenir and thanked Dr. James Blanchard for organizing such an interactive seminar. She urged all the students to come up with these types of ideas and to work together for the betterment of the Pakistani society.


Vice Chancellor Dr. Saima Hamid presenting souvenir to Prof. Dr. James Blanchard university of Manitoba

Vice Chancellor Dr. Saima Hamid, Prof. Dr. James Blanchard and Students