Live Conversation with Link FM UK- "Health Show"

RAWALPINDI: Dr. Aneela Maqsood (Head of Department of Behavioral Sciences, FJWU) appeared as a guest speaker in a live program 'Health Show', a regular weekly program produced by United Kingdom based FM radio- Link FM UK that went on air on April 3, 2020. Dr. Parveen Ali, lead Nursing Studies, University of Sheffield, UK hosted the program with a theme on “COVID-19 and its Impact on Mental Health”. The program focuses on psychosocial interventions to improve the health and well- being of community. Dr. Maqsood highlighted 'health issues' are the prime focus of research activities of the department.

She discussed the impact of lockdown on mental health and the nature and intensity of stressors in details with respect to the various societies. Talking about COVID-19 stressor she said that we can possibly control it by increasing awareness and knowledge about the disease along with understanding the amount of control we can exercise to prevent form getting the infection. Dr Aneela said that the pathway toward better mental health care starts with the self realization and self analysis of our feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions.

There are empirically proven strategies we can use to enhance our coping and to reduce the emotional burden. We need to be self cautious to regulate our emotions and to have a self check on our negative tendencies, she added. With a positive approach, setting new goals meaningfully linked to achieve your already set or new life and career goals and learning new skills are helpful strategies. The self-care strategies with a focus on maintaining physical health and staying connected with significant others are proven helpful. Moreover, in her view it’s as an opportunity to reflect how positively we can contribute towards betterment of our community.