Media Brief of Opening Ceremony of 1st FJWU International Multidisciplinary Conference 8-9 March 2023 Titled: Women Education & Society

1st FJWU International Multidisciplinary Conference was held in Fatima Jinnah Women University for 8th and 9th March 2023. Today was the inaugural ceremony of the conference. The conference was organized as  part of the university’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations. The central idea behind the conference is to promote interdisciplinary projects, studies and prepare the next generation for the academic challenges of the next century.

In her opening remarks, the Vice Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Women University, Dr. Saima Hamid, emphasized on the role of the conference in providing a platform to discuss and deliberate on some of the most pressing issues of our time, particularly those related to women's empowerment and gender equality. She further expressed her deep gratitude to all the former Vice chancellors of FJWU for their kind presence at the inaugural ceremony of the conference. She mentioned that  25 years of Higher Education contribution by FJWU was only possible because of the strong contribution of all visionary female Vice Chancellors who   took the progress and development of this institution as a mission to serve the nation. Prof. Dr. Najma Najam, first Vice Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Women University, was the Chief Guest of the ceremony.  She spoke about the importance of women leadership for bridging gender inequality and how Fatima Jinnah Women University played its vital role in this scenario. She also highlighted the challenges and struggles she overcame as the first female Vice Chancellor of Public sector Women University in Pakistan which paved the way of comfort for the future female Vice Chancellors, faculty members and young female graduates . She also highlighted the role played by the renowned educationist  and eminent scholar Dr. Iftikhar-un-Nisa Hassan during the foundation building of the first ever public sector women university of Pakistan. Dr. Samina Amin Qadir, former Vice Chancellor of FJWU,  paid a heartfelt tribute to the late Dr. Saeeda Asadullah Khan former Vice Chancellor of FJWU.

All two former Vice Chancellors also applauded the visionary leadership of Current Vice Chancellor Dr. Saima Hamid who gathered them all together on the celebrations of Silver jubilee year. Dr. Saima thanked all the former Vice chancellor for their respective contributions towards this institution and appreciated their presence in today's conference. Saima announced that this conference is going to be an annual event and all departments will collectively contribute towards this.

This year the theme of the conference was Women Education & Society. Two plenary sessions were organized for the first day of the conference. The first session titled: Women in Science Education with the sub themes of Engineering and Technology, Biological and Mathematical Sciences. The conference aimed at  bringing together educators, researchers, and professionals from a variety of fields to discuss and exchange ideas on the current state of science education, as well as future directions and best practices.

The second session was titled Women and Entrepreneurship with the aim of bringing together researchers, scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and other stakeholders to discuss the latest research and insights on the topic of women’s entrepreneurship. The conference helped in generating new knowledge and ideas and promoted the exchange of best practices and strategies for supporting and promoting women's entrepreneurship. Conference will conclude tomorrow after the closing ceremony on March 9, 2023.

From Left to Right: Prof. Dr. Iftikhar-un Nisa Hassan, 1st Former Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Najma Najam, Current Vice Chancellor FJWU, Dr. Saima Hamid along with 3rd Former Vice Chancellor FJWU, Prof. Dr. Samina Amin Qadir at the Opening Ceremony of 1st FJWU International Multidisciplinary Conference, held on Wednesday 8th march, 2023.