Amendments - Tender Notice for Hiring of Services for Development and Implementation of Learning Management System

A meeting regarding subject Tender was held on 21st October 2021 at 1100 Hours in ITC of the University. The meeting was attended by the Technical Committee, Treasurer/Director ORIC, Purchase Committee Members and representatives of 5 x firms. The points discussed and decisions made regarding LMS are as follows: -

  1. Clause No.05 of TENDER Documents
    The contract will be amend as per the actual requirement of the university for proceeding years.
  2. The duration of project completion/implementation is one year.
  3. Clause No.05 of Tender Notice
    The Five (05) percent of the quoted value must be enclosed as earnest money.
  4. Any additional cost required for running the system after implementation phase should be clearly Indicated.
  5. Clause No. 41 of the Tender Documents
    Clause No.41 of tender documents be deleted.