As you all know that we are going through a very difficult time in the history of mankind. World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID- 19 as a pandemic on March 11, 2020. The situation called for preventive measures at multiple levels including a large-scale community support to deal with the psychological impact of pandemic. To address the heightened need for meeting the mental health issues faced by different segments of the community, we take this opportunity to contribute and offer the voluntarily services in this time of stress. From the platform of Fatima Jinnah Women University, Pakistan, Dr. Aneela Maqsood (Head of Behavioral Sciences Department) initiated and led a volunteer campaign in alliance with a team of volunteer international and national health professionals belonging to different academic and professional forums to offer Psychological Support & Counseling Services using Online platform. FJWU extended alliance with Gazail Mental Health Services Ltd, Surrey, United Kingdom (Director Prof. Dr. Ghazala Rehman), Kids Hearts Hospital, United Arab Emirates  (Head of Psychology Dept., Prof. Dr. Tahir Saeed), University of Sheffield, United Kingdom (Dr. Parveen Ali, Lead of Nursing Studies Program), Manchester Global Foundation (Prof. Dr. Nusrat Hussain), University of Houston Clear Lake, Houston, Texas, United States of America (Dr. Samian Masood), University of Sargodha, Sargodha Pakistan (Dr. Najma Malik- Chairperson Psychology Dept.), University of Management & Technology Lahore, Sialkot Campus, Pakistan (Prof. Dr. Tahir Saeed), Chief Psychologist (Dr. Shoaib Kiani), Ms. Erum Bibi (Clinical Psychologist), Ms. Asma Rashid (Counselor) & Mr. Danyal Ahmad Jamal (Psychologist) and members under UK-Pakistan Science Innovation Global Network, Pakistan Medical Association, British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Society, and Mental Health First Aid England.

The volunteer team is multiskilled including mental health practitioners, clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and Nurses. The team members are committed to offer volunteer services to deal with massive need of psychological services and support to people who have, are being treated for or are recovering from COVID-19, front line clinicians and paramedical staff, caregivers, and community at large. The alliance group is committed to provide psychoeducation, psychological help & counseling using Digital Solutions as per guidelines and framework of World Health organization (WHO), British Psychological Society (BPS), DCP (Division of Clinical Psychology) Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, United Nations (UN) & American Psychological Association (APA). 

What We are Offering!
The partnering team provides a listening ear to the Community and Frontline Health Care professionals with support to solutions in following areas:

Remote Digital Volunteer Psychological Services: We are using digital platform to offer psychological services to Pakistani community, to address psychological and medical symptoms associated with the pandemic (COVID-19).
Biopsychosocial Impact of COVID 19: We are providing expert services to individuals and their families having a direct or indirect impact of Pandemic. Based on Biopsychosocial model, we are aiming to provide psychoeducation and coping strategies to deal with mass impact of pandemic upon physical, psychological, & social wellbeing.
Increase in domestic abuse and violence: We are offering psychological assistance to families to cope with incidence of abuse (verbal and physical), interpersonal conflicts, and disputes. There is significant scientific evidence (as reported by United Nation 2020) suggesting an increase in physical and verbal violence.
Social Stories: We aim to include volunteers in this program, who have fully recovered from COVID-19 symptoms; sharing social stories would help people understand those personal experiences of coping with the trauma and suffering from COVID-19 pandemic. 
Positivity and Spirit: We are trying to help people to be more Positive in this time of stress as positive attitude is a key to survive through any time of crisis.
Dealing with the Myths: We are trying to encourage people not to believe in everything on social media as there are many stories going around which do not have scientific evidence.
Coping with Loss and Grief: We are offering psychological assistance to families coping with their grief, trauma and psychological symptoms who have lost their loved ones in this pandemic.
Response to Self-isolation and Social- Distancing. This pandemic has brought significant changes in work and family routines and lifestyle. We will support the families how to adjust to new or novel situation and with rapid changes and social demands.
Reponses to Crisis Situation: Our professional team would assist in providing psychoeducation and teaching various coping strategies to deal with these symptoms. 
Medical Information: Our team of medical doctors, psychiatrists and nurses are providing medical and technical information related to COVID-19.
Psychological support to Schools, Teachers & Employers: We are providing psychoeducational support fostering a systemic psychological first aid mental health perspective and long-term view of coping with a Pandemic.
Informed Research: We are looking forward to developing a database of information to guide public health policy and research.  

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