FJWU Takes Center Stage: Empowering Women in Higher Education Through Stress Management and Effective Decision Making

Rawalpindi, 26th May – Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) takes pride in its commitment to women's development and effective decision-making in higher education. Under various research centres, the university has initiated various programs and workshops to enhance the work environment for women in academia.

As part of these ongoing efforts, a noteworthy workshop titled "Trailblazing Women: A Skill Building Session for Women Academic Leaders" was recently organized at Fatima Jinnah Women University. The workshop, spearheaded by Dr. Ishrat Siddiqa Lodhi, served as a collaborative endeavour between the Department of Education at FJWU and the International Islamic University, Islamabad, under the LCF project funded by the Higher Education Commission.

The primary objective of the workshop was to identify and address the challenges faced by women academic leaders in Pakistani universities, with a specific focus on stress management and coping mechanisms. Participants were equipped with practical strategies and techniques to recognize, manage, and reduce stress in both their personal and professional lives. The workshop aimed to empower women leaders, enhance their overall well-being, increase resilience, and improve their ability to cope with stress.

In addition, the workshop fostered networking opportunities and encouraged relationship-building among female leaders, emphasizing the importance of teamwork. The sessions were highly engaging, incorporating interactive activities and group discussions. It was attended by the women academic leaders from six public sector universities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Distinguished speaker Mr. Usman Gulzari delivered the enlightening sessions.

Participants expressed their admiration for Fatima Jinnah Women University's commitment to developing women's leadership skills. They emphasized the significance of the workshop, particularly for female academics currently in leadership positions or aspiring to assume such roles in the future. Dr. Ishrat Siddiqa Lodhi, the workshop coordinator, extended her heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and the resource person for their valuable contributions to the success of the program. This workshop marks the second in a series of workshops to be organized by FJWU as part of the LCF project collaboration.

Dr. Saima Hamid, Vice Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Women University, was commended for her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to promoting women's empowerment in higher education. Under her guidance, the university has made significant strides in creating a supportive environment for female academics. Her commitment to fostering an atmosphere conducive to stress management and skill development is greatly appreciated by the entire academic community.

Fatima Jinnah Women University remains committed to its mission of empowering women and ensuring their success in academia. The university's relentless efforts in the area of women's leadership skills will continue to pave the way for a more inclusive and progressive educational landscape.